This Primitive Sound! Vol. 4 

  1. Soledad Brothers- Teenage Heart Attack
  2. Jack Oblivian- Honey, I’m Too Old For You
  3. The Cramps- The Way I Walk
  4. The Gories- Outta Here
  5. Thee Milkshakes- She’s Just Fifteen Years Old
  6. Flamin’ Groovies- Have You Seen My Baby?
  7. Paul Collins Beat- Rock N’ Roll Girl
  8. The Pagans- Dream Lover
  9. The Zeroes- Getting Nowhere Fast
  10. Crime- Baby, You’re So Repulsive
  11. The Heartbreakers- One Track Mind
  12. Rubber City Rebels- Young and Dumb
  13. DMZ- Don’t Jump Me Mother
  14. The Reatards- Not Good Enough For You
  15. The Black Lips- Ain’t No Deal
  16. Turf War- Animal Party
  17. GG King- The Letter
  18. Ty Segall- The Drag
  19. Charlie & The Moonhearts- I Hate You
  20. The Piranhas- Cold Cold Metal
  21. The Mummies- Justine
  22. Teengenerate- Mess Me Up
  23. The Dwarves- Back Seat Of My Car
  24. The Lazy Cowgirls- Heartache
  25. Mudhoney- Sweet Young Thing Ain’t Sweet No More
  26. Dead Moon- It’s OK
  27. The Scientists- We Had Love
  28. Lime Spiders- Slave Girl
  29. The Saints- One Way Street
  30. Sonic’s Rendezvous Band- City Slang

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  1. Camera: Canon MX470 series

This Primitive Sound! Vol. 3 

  1. The Zeros- Don’t Push Me Around
  2. Crime- Terminal Boredom
  3. The Scientists- Shake Together Tonight
  4. The Skunks- Earthquake Shake
  5. The Dead Boys- Ain’t Nothin’ To Do
  6. The Penetrators- Drive Me Crazy
  7. The Flamin’ Groovies- Teenage Head
  8. The Groundhogs- Cherry Red
  9. The Electric Eels- You’re Full Of Shit
  10. Chain Gang- Piss Your Pants
  11. Redd Kross- I’m Alright
  12. The Real Kids- She’s Got Everything
  13. The Saints- L.I.E.S.
  14. X (Australia)- Degenerate Boy
  15. DMZ- First Time Is The Best Time
  16. The Pagans- Don’t Leave Me Alone
  17. The Cramps- Subwire Desire
  18. The Wolfmen- I Don’t Want No One
  19. The Brood- You Turned Your Back On Me
  20. Thee Mighty Caesers- Lie Detector
  21. The Mummies- Shut Yer Mouth
  22. Dead Moon- Killing Me
  23. Cheater Slicks- Spanish Rose
  24. Blacktop- Tornado Love
  25. The Oblivians- Blew My Cool
  26. The Reatards- Teenage Hate
  27. Teengenerate- She’s So Fine
  28. The Spits- Beat You Up
  29. The Carbonas- Didn’t Tell You A Lie
  30. The Black Lips- You’re Dumb

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This Primitive Sound! Vol. 2 

  1. The Cramps- Twist & Shout
  2. Crime- If Looks Could Kill
  3. The Scientists- Don’t You Lie To Me
  4. The Saints- Lost and Found
  5. X (Australia)- Halfway Round The World
  6. The Lewd- Kill Yourself
  7. The Testors- You Don’t Break My Heart
  8. The Gears- Baby Runaround
  9. The Pagans- Street Where Nobody Lives
  10. The Penetrators- Rock N’ Roll Face
  11. Teenage Head- Disgusteen
  12. The Zeros- Wild Weekend
  13. Redd Kross- White Trash
  14. The Weirdos- Teenage
  15. The Gun Club- Ghost On The Highway
  16. Tav Falco’s Panther Burns- She’s The One To Blame
  17. The Gibson Bros.- White Nigger
  18. The Gories- Nitroglycerine
  19. The Mummies- Victim Of Circumstances
  20. The Gruesomes- No More Lies
  21. The Oblivians- Christina
  22. Thee Mighty Caesers- Little By Little
  23. The Rats- Leave Me Alone
  24. The Flamin’ Groovies- Slow Death
  25. The Electric Eels- Jaguar Ride
  26. Rocket From The Tombs- What Love Is
  27. The Ramones- I Don’t Care
  28. Iggy & The Stooges- Tight Pants
  29. Death- Freakin’ Out
  30. Hollywood Brats- Sick On You

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This Primitive Sound! 

  1. The Penetrators- Teenage Lifestyle
  2. The Heartbreakers- Baby Talk
  3. The Saints- Private Affair
  4. The Zeros- Wimp
  5. Redd Kross- Burn Out
  6. Teenage Head- Ain’t Got No Sense
  7. The Manikins- Modern Girls
  8. The Victims- I’m Flipped Out Over You
  9. X (Australia)- Home Is Where The Floor Is
  10. Crime- I Knew This Nurse
  11. DMZ- Somebody’s Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight
  12. The Cramps- All Women Are Bad
  13. The Gibson Bros.- Broke Down Engine
  14. The Oblivians- Love Killed My Brain
  15. Dead Moon- Hey Joe
  16. Thee Headcoats- All My Feelings Denied
  17. The Mummies- Food, Sickles, & Girls
  18. The Gories- To Find Out
  19. Teengenerate- Don’t Come Close To Me
  20. The Dwarves- Motherfucker
  21. The Reatards- Lick On My Leather
  22. The Carbonas- Black Out
  23. The Black Lips- Ghetto Cross
  24. The Spits- All I Want
  25. The Black Jaspers- Can’t Stand The Summer
  26. Turf War- Wooly Bully
  27. Dead Ghosts- What To Do
  28. Los Vigilantes- Un Dia Nada Mas
  29. Nobunny- La La La La Love You
  30. King Tuff- Dancing On You

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Album Art

Mudhoney “Burn It Clean”

Played 510 times.
Mudhoney Mudhoney


Album Art

The Replacements “I.O.U.”

Played 248 times.
The Replacements, 1987 The Replacements, 1987 The Replacements, 1987

The Replacements, 1987

Album Art

Killing Joke “Requiem”

Played 410 times.
Killing Joke Killing Joke Killing Joke

Killing Joke

John Lydon John Lydon John Lydon John Lydon

John Lydon

Album Art

Stiv Bators “Evil Boy”

Played 280 times.

Stiv Bators backstage with Gang of Four

Stiv Bators

Richard Hell’s Black Metal name would be Richard Hell.

  1. Camera: Canon MX470 series