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The Gun Club “For The Love Of Ivy” (Live)

Played 462 times.

"You look just like an Elvis from Hell."

  1. Camera: Canon MX470 series
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Teengenerate “She’s So Fine”

Played 734 times.

Link Wray with Doug and Vernon Wray.

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Lucky Wray (with Link & Doug Wray) “Teenage Cutie”

Played 2368 times.

The Cramps photographed by Simon Fowler, ca 1980

X in Los Angeles, 1980.


Billy Idol and Alan Vega of Suicide at Danceteria in 1982.

Photo by Catherine Ceresole.

Salad Days Official Trailer from Scott Crawford on Vimeo.

check out the trailer for SALAD DAYS, an upcoming documentary about the Washington DC punk/hardcore scene of the 1980s. follow the facebook page for more info.

Sonic Youth, 1992