Don’t Let Your Youth Go To Waste

  1. Spacemen 3- Take Me To The Other Side (demo)
  2. Primal Scream- I’m Losing More Than I’ll Ever Have
  3. My Bloody Valentine- Never Say Goodbye
  4. Dinosaur Jr- Severed Lips
  5. Sugar- Helpless
  6. Teenage Fanclub- God Knows It’s True
  7. The Jesus and Mary Chain- Happy Place
  8. The Wedding Present- Once More
  9. The Jacobites- Pin Your Heart To Me
  10. The Blue Orchids- Sleepy Town
  11. The Go Betweens- The Sound Of Rain
  12. The Lilys- Timber
  13. The Brian Jonestown Massacre- Open Heart Surgery
  14. The Boo Radleys- Does This Hurt? 
  15. Chapterhouse- Rain
  16. The Jasmine Minks- What’s Happening
  17. Henry’s Dress- The Way She Goes
  18. Felt- Sunlight Bathed The Golden Glow
  19. The Soup Dragons- Pleasantly Surprised
  20. The Pastels- Crawl Babies
  21. The Stone Roses- The Hardest Thing In The World
  22. Slaughter Joe- I’ll Follow You Down
  23. The Telescopes- To Kill A Slow Girl Walking
  24. Ride- Taste
  25. Swervedriver- Feel So Real
  26. Loop- Straight To Your Heart
  27. Galaxie 500- Don’t Let Your Youth Go To Waste
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