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I’ve been listening to Slug Guts constantly the past few weeks. Playin’ In Time With The Deadbeat might just be my favorite album of 2012.

just like Slug Guts’ previous records Deadbeat mines the same Australian post-punk and American noise rock territority. and that’s a good thing because fuck originality…that shit doesn’t help anyone….i want a motherfuckin’ homage and this record is giving it to me and giving it good. it has got all the goddamned sleazy art damaged Birthday Party, Scientists, Gun Club, Christian Death, Scratch Acid, Pussy Galore worshipping rock n roll that your lil’ ole’ heart can handle. this is trash. this is armagedon. this is better than whatever the hell i imagine seapunk to sound like.

with song titles like Scum, Glory Holes, and Stranglin’ You Too you know exactly what you are getting into. this is the perfect soundtrack for burying someone in a shallow grave or just sittin’ around in a leather jacket tryin’ to look cool. plus there is a killer cover of Public Image Ltd’s “Order Of Death”. 

you’d do worse than finding this record and giving it a few spins. highly recommended.

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