THE COLD BEAT (post-punk/goth playlist)

  1. The Cure- One Hundred Years
  2. The Chameleons- In Shreds
  3. The Sound- Cold Beat
  4. The Jesus and Mary Chain- Just Out Of Reach
  5. The Birthday Party- Guilt Parade
  6. Public Image Ltd.- Banging The Door
  7. Killing Joke- Night Time
  8. Alien Sex Fiend- I Walk The Line
  9. Death In June- The Calling (MK II)
  10. The Sisters Of Mercy- This Corrosion
  11. Ausgang- Crawling The Walls
  12. Psychotik Tanks- Let’s Have A Party
  13. Christian Death- Deathwish
  14. The Lords Of The New Church- Dance With Me
  15. Southern Death Cult- Fatman
  16. Sort Sol- Marble Station
  17. Gene Loves Jezebel- Bruises
  18. The Psychedelic Furs- Into You Like A Train
  19. The Comsat Angels- Map Of The World
  20. Colin Newman- Not Me
  21. Modern English- Gathering Dust
  22. Love and Rockets- Mirror People
  23. Sad Lovers and Giants- Things We Never Did
  24. Lowlife- A Sullen Sky
  25. For Against- Sabres
  26. (In) Camera- Die Laughing
  27. Modern Eon- Euthenics
  28. Joy Division- Twenty Four Hours
  29. Echo & The Bunnymen- Stars and Stars
  30. Bauhaus- All We Ever Wanted Was Everything
  31. The Gun Club- The Breaking Hands
  32. Nikki Sudden & Rowland S. Howard- The Girl With No Name

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