I Want You Around (Valentine’s Day Playlist)

  1. Suicide- Surrender
  2. The Jesus and Mary Chain- You Trip Me Up (Peel Session)
  3. New York Dolls- Give Him A Great Big Kiss
  4. Ramones- I Want You Around (Soundtrack version)
  5. The Dixie Cups- I’m Gonna Get You Yet
  6. Harlem- Be Your Baby
  7. The Plimsouls- Now
  8. Link Wray- Oh Babe Be Mine
  9. The King Khan & BBQ Show- Love You So
  10. The Epsilons- Just Wanna Love You Girl
  11. The Nation Of Ulysses- Today I Met The Girl I’m Gonna Marry
  12. Unrest- Make Out Club
  13. Black Tambourine- Heartbeat
  14. The Modern Lovers- I Wanna Sleep In Your Arms
  15. The Replacements- Kiss Me On The Bus (demo)
  16. The Byrds- Have You Seen Her Face?
  17. The Seeds- Girl I Want You
  18. Buddy Holly- You’re The One
  19. Television Personalities- The Prettiest Girl In The World
  20. My Bloody Valentine- Lose Yourself In Me
  21. The Go Betweens- People Say
  22. The Wedding Present- Don’t Talk, Just Kiss
  23. Sonic Youth- Cotton Crown
  24. Spacemen 3- I Love You
  25. The Velvet Underground- Satellite Of Love
  26. The Jacobites- I Believe In You
  27. Hasil Adkins- I Wanna Kiss Kiss Kiss Your Lips
  28. T. Rex- Baby Strange
  29. Roky Erickson- It’s A Clear Night For Love
  30. The Walkmen- There Goes My Baby

link: http://www.divshare.com/download/16791438-311

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