I’m Still Missing You (Music For The Lonesome)

  1. The Dixie Cups- No True Love
  2. Alex Chilton- Can’t Seem To Make You Mine
  3. The Flamin’ Groovies- I’ll Cry Alone
  4. Sic Alps- God Bless Her, I Miss Her
  5. The Sorrows- Take A Heart
  6. The Rolling Stones- That’s How Strong My Love Is
  7. The Phantom- Whisper Your Love
  8. The Gun Club- Your Man’s Feeling Low
  9. Dead Ghosts- I Sleep Alone
  10. Ramones- What’s Your Game
  11. The Scientists- Sorry Sorry Sorry
  12. The Saints- Story Of Love
  13. The Shangri Las- What Is Love?
  14. The Jesus and Mary Chain- Something’s Wrong (Demo)
  15. Bass Drum Of Death- I Could Never Be Your Man
  16. White Fence- A Need You
  17. The Clean- Sad Eyed Lady
  18. Black Tambourine- For Ex Lovers Only
  19. My Bloody Valentine- We’re So Beautiful
  20. Spacemen 3- Honey
  21. Alan Vega- Lonely
  22. The Creation- If I Stay Too Long
  23. Galaxie 500- Isn’t It A Pity
  24. Teenage Film Stars- Many Unhappy Returns
  25. The Triffids- Beautiful Waste
  26. Jacques Dutronc- L’Espace D’Une Fille
  27. The Kinks- The Way Love Used To Be
  28. T. Rex- Life’s A Gas (Demo)
  29. Link Wray- I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry
  30. Hasil Adkins- Still Missing You

Get it herehttp://www.divshare.com/download/23962247-452

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