listening to one of my favorite albums of the 90s, 1997’s Soul’s For Sale by a little known and unheralded band from Alabama called Verbena.

Souls For Sale was everything i wanted out of a rock record when it came out that i wasn’t getting from the hardcore albums that were dominating my cd player in 1997-98. it was a raw riffs and rough vocals with a wonderful southern twang. the best way to describe the record was a perfect combination of Bleach era Nirvana trying their best to sound like Sticky Fingers era Rolling Stones. opener “hot blood” and track #5 “the desert” shred, while moody “junk for fashion” and the wild horses-like “the song that ended your career” showed that the band could write a good sad song as well. the guitar work on the album is phenomenal and the lyrics are great. every song is catchy and memorable and makes you wanna drink a bottle of whiskey and forget that girl who broke your fucking heart back in 1996. it really is one of the hidden gems of the late 90s’ alternative/indie rock scene and if they’d put this album out in 2001 they’d have been huge stars. instead they got lost in the shuffle of late 90s Nu-Metal/rap rock/fake grunge Creed-like schlock. which is to say they never had a chance. if you love the sound of a cranked to Dinosaur Jr levels of loud rock band playing bluesy heavy and catchy as hell rock this is the album you’ve been missing out on. i highly recommend.

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