Post-Punk Propaganda 

  1. The Fire Engines- Get Up and Use Me
  2. Josef K- Radio Drill Time
  3. Scars- All About You
  4. Polyrock- Romantic Me
  5. The Au Pairs- Come Again
  6. Medium Medium- Hungry So Angry
  7. Gang Of Four- What We All Want
  8. Delta 5- Anticipation
  9. Glaxo Babies- This Is Your Life
  10. The Fall- Industrial Estate
  11. Devo- Penetration In the Centrefold
  12. Pere Ubu- The Modern Dance
  13. The Homosexuals- Soft South Africans
  14. Zounds- More Trouble Coming Every Day
  15. Wire- Champs
  16. Swell Maps- International Rescue
  17. Television Personalities- King and Country
  18. The Feelies- Loveless Love
  19. Pylon- Feast On My Heart
  20. James Chance & The Contortions- Contort Yourself
  21. The Pop Group- She Is Beyond Good & Evil
  22. The Birthday Party- Zoo Music Girl
  23. Primitive Calculators- Pumping Ugly Muscle
  24. Suicide- Radiation
  25. Throbbing Gristle- Hot On The Heels Of Love
  26. Public Image Ltd.- Annalisa
  27. Killing Joke- The Wait
  28. Joy Division- Isolation
  29. Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark- Joan Of Arc
  30. A Certain Ratio- All Night Party
  31. The Wake- On Our Honeymoon
  32. The Lines- Nerve Pylon
  33. The Sound- Physical World
  34. Echo & The Bunnymen- Pictures On the Wall
  35. The Cure- Grinding Halt

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