The College Rock Years (80s American Underground playlist)

  1. Dinosaur Jr.- Repulsion
  2. The Wipers- Let’s Go Away
  3. Mission of Burma- Peking Spring
  4. X- Blue Spark
  5. The Gun Club- Fire Of Love
  6. The Dream Syndicate- That’s What You Always Say
  7. Pylon- Feast On My Heart
  8. The Feelies- Original Love
  9. The Embarrassment- (I’m A) Don Juan
  10. The Suburbs- I Couldn’t Care Less Anymore
  11. The dB’s- I Thought You Wanted To Know
  12. REM- Carnival Of Sorts (Box Cars)
  13. Galaxie 500- Tugboat
  14. Minutemen- Have You Ever Seen The Rain?
  15. Meat Puppets- Swimming Ground
  16. The Replacements- I’m In Trouble
  17. Husker Du- These Important Years
  18. Rites of Spring- Deeper Than Inside
  19. Dead Milkmen- Big Lizard
  20. Beat Happening- Black Candy
  21. The Smithereens- Behind the Wall of Sleep
  22. Lemonheads- Luka
  23. Pixies- Holiday Song
  24. Sonic Youth- Tuff Gnarl
  25. Big Black- Racer X
  26. Flipper- Ever
  27. Scratch Acid- She Said
  28. Green River- Ain’t Nothin’ To Do
  29. Butthole Surfers- Human Cannonball
  30. The Flaming Lips- Everything’s Explodin’


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