listening to the new album by Purling Hiss, Water On Mars. crunching fuzzed out garage punk mixed with 70s hardrock that sounds like this is always going to be something i love. like mudhoney & dinosaur jr mixed with a little bit of blue cheer psych blues thrown in for good measure. this is the good shit. this is the rock n roll shit. this is the turn it the fuck up loud and blow your speakers out shit. get this shit. i recommend this shit.

Terry Malts “I Do”

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fuzzed out catchy as fuck power pop/punk/garage rock/bumble gum goodness. this record kicks all kinds of ass. like Husker Du and the Ramones had a baby.

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Fuzz “This Time I Got A Reason”

More new shit from Ty Segall, who has a form of OCD where he must release a new psych-garage record every few months.

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