New Year’s Eve Wild Rock Stampede!

Music to dance drunk to, celebrate the new year with a selection of Garage Rock/Surf Rock/Rock n’ Roll music from the period ranging between 1960-1968. Enjoy these classic tunes and best wishes to all of my followers in 2013!!


1. Who Do You Love? - The Preachers (1965)

2. Hey Little Bird - The Barbarians (1964)

3. Mr Moto - The Belairs (1962)

4. Train Kept a Rollin’ - The Yardbirds (1966)

5. Bad Seed - N Patrick Williams & The Inner Prism (1968)

6. Revellion - The Revels (1961)

7. Psychotic Reaction - Positively 13 O’Clock (1966)

8. Surfer Joe - The Surfaris (1962)

9. Something’s WrongThe Veil (1968)

10. Crackin’ Up - The Wig (1966)

11. What in the World - The Vectors (1965)

12. Penetration - The Pyramids (1963)

13. Brand New Cadillac - Vince Taylor (1960)

14. Somethin’ Else - The Vibratos LTD (1964)

15. Come On - Los Saicos (1965)

16. Angry Generation - The Woodchunks (1968)

17. The Hustler - The Sonics (1966)

18. Come on Back - The Wild Ones (1964)

19. Won’t You Tell Me - The Vestells (1965)

20. Hot Rod City - Ronny and the Daytonas (1965)

21. I’m For Things You Do - The Enfields (1966)

22. Stampede - The Falcons (1963)

23. Long Tall Sally - The Kinks (1964)

24. I Haven’t Got You - The Winkle Pickers (1966)

25. C’mon Everybody - The Suns of Mourning (1966)

26. Psycho - Swamp Rats (1967)

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  • photo credit: “Lone Star Camp, Bad Ragaz 1969” by Karlheinz Weinberger from the Rebel Youth Series

Beware Them Blood Sucking Rock n’ Roll Mutants vol. 99 

  1. Slug Guts- Howlin’
  2. The Birthday Party- Swampland
  3. The Jesus and Mary Chain- Taste the Floor
  4. The Gun Club- Bad Indian
  5. The Cramps- Drug Train
  6. Country Teasers- Anytime Cowboy
  7. Inca Babies- Plenty More Mutants
  8. The Scientists- Set It On Fire
  9. X (Australia)- Goin’ Crazy
  10. Vincas- Deadache
  11. The Revelators- Hillbilly Wolf
  12. Honeymoon Killers- Trampled Under Foot
  13. Royal Trux- I’m Ready
  14. Dwarves- I Wanna Kill Your Boyfriend
  15. Tav Falco & Panther Burns- I’m On This Rocket
  16. Black Lips- Buried Alive
  17. The Mummies- Stronger Than Dirt
  18. Crime- Crime Wave
  19. The Pagans- Nowhere To Run
  20. Chrome Cranks- Dark Room
  21. The Jesus Lizard- Seasick
  22. The U Men- They
  23. Rapeman- Radar Love Lizard
  24. Pussy Galore- Kill Yourself
  25. Cheater Slicks- Destroy You
  26. Dead Moon- Black September 
  27. Mudhoney- Sweet Young Thing Ain’t Sweet No More
  28. Boss Hog- Fix Me
  29. The Drones- She Had An Abortion That She Made Me Pay For
  30. Kim Salmon & the Surrealists- Devil In Disguise
  31. Beasts Of Bourbon- Lonesome Bones
  32. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds- I’m Gonna Kill That Woman

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Psychedelic Weapons Of Love

  1. The Rolling Stones- Out Of Time
  2. Brian Jonestown Massacre- This Is Why You Love Me
  3. T. Rex- Mystic Lady
  4. Sic Alps- Baby’s In A Coma
  5. The Seeds- Try To Understand
  6. The Index- Fire Eyes
  7. Donnie & Joe Emerson- Baby
  8. Spacemen 3- Feel So Good
  9. My Bloody Valentine- Good For You
  10. Ty Segall- Sad Fuzz
  11. The Warlocks- Song For Nico
  12. Simply Saucer- Bullet Proof Nothing
  13. The Lilys- Will My Lord Be Gardening
  14. The Rogues- You Better Look Now
  15. The 13th Floor Elevators- I Tried To Tell You
  16. Los Saicos- Lonely Star
  17. Skip Spence- All My Life (I Love You)
  18. The Godz- Radar Eyes
  19. Syd Barrett- Here I Go
  20. Dead Ghosts- I Want Your Love
  21. Royal Trux- Junkie Nurse
  22. Sonic Youth- Shadow Of A Doubt
  23. Galaxie 500- Strange
  24. Loop- To Real To Feel
  25. Singapore Sling- Summer Garden
  26. Spectrum- How To Satisfy Me
  27. Suicide- Dream Baby Dream (demo)
  28. The Jesus and Mary Chain- Cut Dead
  29. Skywave- Got That Feeling
  30. Os Mutantes- Baby
  31. Black Time- I’m Gonna Haunt You When I’m Gone
  32. The Velvet Underground- Ride Into The Sun

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listening to.

listening to.

LET’S RUMBLE (music for juvenile delinquents)

  1. The Crystals- He’s A Rebel
  2. Eddie Cochran- Somethin’ Else
  3. Charlie Feathers- Can’t Hardly Stand It
  4. Bunker Hill- The Girl Can’t Dance
  5. The Phantom- Love Me
  6. Bloodshot Bill- Crazy ‘Bout The Girl
  7. Kip Tyler- Rumble Rock
  8. Bill Allen & The Back Beats- Please Give Me Something
  9. Jack Scott- Way I Walk
  10. Dwight Pullen- Sunglasses After Dark
  11. Black Lips- I’ve Got A Knife
  12. Ramones- Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue (demo)
  13. BBQ- Shake Real Low
  14. The Rats- Teenagers
  15. Pussy Galore- Get Out
  16. The Mummies- Skinny Minnie
  17. Reatards- Teenage Hate
  18. Hasil Adkins- Shake With Me
  19. Jerry Warren- Rompin’
  20. Roy Orbison- Go! Go! Go!
  21. Johnny Cash- Born To Lose
  22. Link Wray- Ain’t That Lovin’ You Baby
  23. The Gories- Give Me Love
  24. The Sonics- Dirty Old Man
  25. The Chiffons- I Have A Boyfriend
  26. Hank Mizell- Jungle Rock
  27. Don & Dewey- Justine
  28. Oblivians- Anyway You Want It
  29. Teengenerate- Shake, Rattle, & Roll
  30. Ronnie Allen- Juvenile Delinquent
  31. New York Dolls- Showdown
  32. The Shangri Las- Out In The Streets
  33. Del Shannon- Runaway
  34. The Cramps- Lonesome Town

dig it: http://www.divshare.com/download/19358295-21f 

  1. Camera: Canon PowerShot SD400
  2. Aperture: f/2.8
  3. Exposure: 1/15th
  4. Focal Length: 5mm


Nice Boys Don’t Play Rock n’ Roll

  1. Jody Reynolds- Fire Of Love
  2. The Cramps- Under The Wires
  3. Inca Babies- Opium Den
  4. The Scientists- This Is My Happy Hour
  5. The Birthday Party- Bully Bones
  6. X (Australia)- The Feel
  7. The Saints- No Time
  8. Rose Tattoo- Nice Boys (Don’t Play Rock n’ Roll)
  9. The Nomads- Where The Wolf Bane Blooms
  10. Lime Spiders- Out Of Control
  11. The Gruesomes- Way Down Below
  12. The Gories- I Think I’ve Had It
  13. The Weirdos- Jungle Rock
  14. The Flesh Eaters- Suicide Saddle
  15. The Gun Club- Moonlight Motel
  16. X- The Have Nots
  17. Knoxville Girls- One Sided Love
  18. Beasts Of Bourbon- Chase The Dragon
  19. Halo Of Flies- Human Fly
  20. The Hentchmen- Psycho Daisies
  21. Thee Mighty Ceasers- You Make Me Die
  22. Oblivians- Trouble
  23. Black Lips- Juvenile
  24. Dwarves- Don’t Love Me
  25. Chrome Cranks- Way Out Lover
  26. Mudhoney- No One Has
  27. Pussy Galore- Alright
  28. The Stooges- Gimme Some Skin
  29. Ty Segall- Hey Big Mouth
  30. Vincas- Hell Ride
  31. The Drones- Baby
  32. Loop- Head On
  33. Spacemen 3- When Tomorrow Hits
  34. The Jesus and Mary Chain- I Hate Rock & Roll
  35. The Icarus Line- Wildlife

link; http://www.divshare.com/download/17087955-070

Minuteman “Voodoo Slaves”

Played 210 times.

Vincas “Hell Ride”

my favorite track off Blood Bleeds. get this shit. 

Played 140 times.

The Seeds “Girl I Want You”

Played 250 times.

The Index “Shockwave”

Played 349 times.
Listening to.
Thanks to a recommendation from Negativepleasure (aka Harris) I’ve been jamming to this album a lot lately. Weird 60s Psych/Surf/Garage from Detriot. The record is sort of like if the 13th Floor Elevators were super into Dick Dale. Sounds like it was recorded live. Lo-fi. Kinda spooky. Spacey. Has a really awesome cover of the Byrds classic “Eight Miles High”. Check out The Index.

Listening to.

Thanks to a recommendation from Negativepleasure (aka Harris) I’ve been jamming to this album a lot lately. Weird 60s Psych/Surf/Garage from Detriot. The record is sort of like if the 13th Floor Elevators were super into Dick Dale. Sounds like it was recorded live. Lo-fi. Kinda spooky. Spacey. Has a really awesome cover of the Byrds classic “Eight Miles High”. Check out The Index.

Shake Away Summer 

  1. The Ronettes- Why Don’t They Let Us Fall In Love?
  2. X- Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
  3. The Keggs- To Find Out
  4. Buddy Holly & The Crickets- Baby I Don’t Care
  5. The Gun Club- Hey Baby
  6. The Scientists- I’m Looking For You
  7. Boys Next Door- These Boots Are Made For Walking
  8. The Zippers- He’s A Rebel
  9. Teenage Head- Bonerack
  10. The Wipers- Misfit
  11. The Gangsters- Don’t Rely On Me
  12. The Plimsouls- How Long Will It Take?
  13. The Nips- Vengeance
  14. Johnny Thunders- Great Big Kiss
  15. The Flys- Love and a Molotov Cocktail
  16. The Cramps- Way I Walk
  17. Pussy Galore- Dick Johnson
  18. The Mummies- I’m Down
  19. The Gruesomes- I Never Loved Her
  20. Oblivians- Bad Man
  21. Thee Headcoats- I’ve Been Fuckin’ Your Daughters & Pissin’ On Your Lawn
  22. Davila 666- Diablo
  23. GG King- The Letter
  24. Turf War- Friends & Company
  25. Tenpole Tudor- Go Wilder
  26. The Saints- Messin’ With The Kid
  27. The Almighty Defenders- Bow Down & Die

download: http://www.divshare.com/download/15630646-5e3

GG King “The Letter” (Box Tops cover)

Played 170 times.