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The Mummies “In & Out” (Larry & The Blue Notes cover)

Played 262 times.


The Mummies.  Olympia WA 1991

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The Gories “Makin’ Love”

Played 434 times.

Mick Collins, The Gories

Album Art

Dead Moon “Evil Eye”

Played 278 times.
Album Art

Dead Moon “War Baby”

Played 228 times.

a random assortment of buttons from my old band, The Agenda.

  1. Camera: Canon MX470 series
Album Art

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion “Son Of Sam” (Chain Gang cover)

Played 240 times.
Album Art

Roky Erickson & The Aliens “Mine Mine Mind”

Played 212 times.
Album Art

Guitar Wolf “Summertime Blues”

Played 466 times.
Album Art

The Saints “Wild About You” (Missing Links cover)

Played 416 times.

This Primitive Sound! Vol. 4 

  1. Soledad Brothers- Teenage Heart Attack
  2. Jack Oblivian- Honey, I’m Too Old For You
  3. The Cramps- The Way I Walk
  4. The Gories- Outta Here
  5. Thee Milkshakes- She’s Just Fifteen Years Old
  6. Flamin’ Groovies- Have You Seen My Baby?
  7. Paul Collins Beat- Rock N’ Roll Girl
  8. The Pagans- Dream Lover
  9. The Zeroes- Getting Nowhere Fast
  10. Crime- Baby, You’re So Repulsive
  11. The Heartbreakers- One Track Mind
  12. Rubber City Rebels- Young and Dumb
  13. DMZ- Don’t Jump Me Mother
  14. The Reatards- Not Good Enough For You
  15. The Black Lips- Ain’t No Deal
  16. Turf War- Animal Party
  17. GG King- The Letter
  18. Ty Segall- The Drag
  19. Charlie & The Moonhearts- I Hate You
  20. The Piranhas- Cold Cold Metal
  21. The Mummies- Justine
  22. Teengenerate- Mess Me Up
  23. The Dwarves- Back Seat Of My Car
  24. The Lazy Cowgirls- Heartache
  25. Mudhoney- Sweet Young Thing Ain’t Sweet No More
  26. Dead Moon- It’s OK
  27. The Scientists- We Had Love
  28. Lime Spiders- Slave Girl
  29. The Saints- One Way Street
  30. Sonic’s Rendezvous Band- City Slang

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get vol 1-3 here, here, & here

  1. Camera: Canon MX470 series

The Agenda “Crash! Crash!” 

a million years ago i used to be in a garage band, now i am old and retired. regardless, my old band has a bandcamp with our entire (yet limited) discography that you can download for free. so if you like dumb loud garage rock, maybe this is something for you. 

THE AGENDA- DO THE CRASH! CRASH! 7 inch on white vinyl. 2002.