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The Zeros “Beat Your Heart Out”

Played 462 times.
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The Real Kids “All Kindsa Girls”

Played 592 times.

This Primitive Sound! Vol. 2 

  1. The Cramps- Twist & Shout
  2. Crime- If Looks Could Kill
  3. The Scientists- Don’t You Lie To Me
  4. The Saints- Lost and Found
  5. X (Australia)- Halfway Round The World
  6. The Lewd- Kill Yourself
  7. The Testors- You Don’t Break My Heart
  8. The Gears- Baby Runaround
  9. The Pagans- Street Where Nobody Lives
  10. The Penetrators- Rock N’ Roll Face
  11. Teenage Head- Disgusteen
  12. The Zeros- Wild Weekend
  13. Redd Kross- White Trash
  14. The Weirdos- Teenage
  15. The Gun Club- Ghost On The Highway
  16. Tav Falco’s Panther Burns- She’s The One To Blame
  17. The Gibson Bros.- White Nigger
  18. The Gories- Nitroglycerine
  19. The Mummies- Victim Of Circumstances
  20. The Gruesomes- No More Lies
  21. The Oblivians- Christina
  22. Thee Mighty Caesers- Little By Little
  23. The Rats- Leave Me Alone
  24. The Flamin’ Groovies- Slow Death
  25. The Electric Eels- Jaguar Ride
  26. Rocket From The Tombs- What Love Is
  27. The Ramones- I Don’t Care
  28. Iggy & The Stooges- Tight Pants
  29. Death- Freakin’ Out
  30. Hollywood Brats- Sick On You

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Nikki & The Corvettes “Just What I Need”

Played 485 times.
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The Nerves “Many Roads To Follow” (Demo)

Played 377 times.

The Nerves

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The Scientists “Last Night”

Played 283 times.
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The Zeros “Main Street Brat”

Played 376 times.
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The Undertones “Get Over You”

Played 1585 times.
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The Diodes “Tired Of Waking Up Tired”

Played 429 times.
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The Nerves “Stand Back And Take A Good Luck” (Demo)

Played 879 times.
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Dwight Twilley Band “Looking For The Magic” 

after you see that new horror movie, You’re Next, you’re gonna have a new unknown 70s gem to be obsessed with.

Played 7643 times.