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Crime “Crime Wave”

Played 372 times.


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Crime “I Knew This Nurse”

Played 328 times.
Crime at Whisky A-Go-Go, 1977 Crime at Whisky A-Go-Go, 1977

Crime at Whisky A-Go-Go, 1977

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45 Grave “Black Cross”

Played 660 times.
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Crime “Baby You’re So Repulsive”

Played 504 times.
Crime Crime


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Crime”Gangster Funk”

Played 605 times.
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Pagans “Dream Lover” (Bobby Darin cover)

Played 597 times.
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The Zeros “Getting Nowhere Fast”

Played 521 times.
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Crime “Feel The Beat”

Played 403 times.
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Pagans “There She Goes Again” (Velvet Underground cover)

Played 467 times.

The Kids Just Wanna Dance (Power Pop Playlist) 

  1. The Plimsouls- Everyday Things
  2. The Deaf Aids- Do It Again
  3. The Scientists- Frantic Romantic
  4. Teenage Head- You’re Tearin’ Me Apart
  5. Stiv Bators- Make Up Your Mind
  6. The Barracudas- Inside Your Mind
  7. The Last- This Kind Of Feeling
  8. The Lyres- How Do You Know?
  9. The Spongetones- She Goes Out With Everybody
  10. Nikki & The Corvettes- Just What I Need
  11. The Boyfriends- I Need Your Love
  12. Pointed Sticks- What Do You Want Me To Do?
  13. The Nips- I Don’t Want Nobody To Love
  14. The Undertones- I Gotta Getta
  15. The Buzzcocks- Everybody’s Happy Nowadays
  16. The Rich Kids- Young Girls
  17. Fast Cars- The Kids Just Wanna Dance
  18. Protex- A Place In Your Heart
  19. The Gangsters- Best Friend
  20. The Scavengers- True Love
  21. The Manikins- I Never Thought I’d Find Someone Who Could Be So Kind
  22. The Riptides- Tomorrow’s Tears
  23. The Saints- Always
  24. The Neighborhoods- No Place Like Home
  25. The Real Kids- She
  26. The Zeros- She’s Just A Girl On The Block
  27. The Nerves- Many Roads To Follow
  28. The Flamin’ Groovies- Sometimes
  29. The Ramones- Needles & Pins
  30. The Hollywood Brats- Then He Kissed Me

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Pagans “What’s This Shit Called Love?”

Played 695 times.